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2023-08-25 Golf Tournament

25th Annual Golf Tournament held at Windsor Park Golf Course
2023-06-28 Wind-up and "Rent" musical

We spent our year-end wind-up, first with dinner at Prairie Edge Restaurant, then saw the musical "Rent" at Rainbow Stage. Our director, Rachel Cameron, is its musical director.
2023-05-23 Canoe Club

Assiniboine Chorus sang for the residents of the Canoe Club Residence.
2023-03-14 St. Patrick's Day Rehearsal

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day!
2023-02-11 Winnipeg ICE

Singing O Canada at Winnipeg ICE hockey game.
2023-01-24 Lindenwoods Estates

Assiniboine Chorus performed at Lindenwoods Estates Retirement Home on January 24, 2023.
2022-12-04 Wonder & Light Concert

Assiniboine Chorus presents its Wonder & Light Christmas Concert at St. Paul's Anglican Church on December 4, 2022.
,2022-09-23 Retreat with Women in Harmony

Assiniboine Chorus and Women in Harmony frim Brandon are gather together for a retreat at Manhattan Beach Resort in Ninette, MB.
2022-09-11 Grandparents' Day at the Lyric Theatre

Celebrating and performing for Grandparents' Day at the Lyric Theatre at Assiniboine Park on Sept 11th.
2022-09-06 Rehearsals Resume

First rehearsal for 2022-2023 season.
2022-09-01 Golf Tournament (24th annual)

24th annual golf tournament
2022-06-31 St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church fundraiser

Following an evening of barbershop harmony at the St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church fundraiser, all were treated to delicious desserts and fellowship.
2022-06-24 St. Paul's Anglican Church Fundraiser

St. Paul's Anglican Church Fundraiser
2022-06-09 Inclusion Festival

Assiniboine Chorus participated in the Inclusion Winnipeg Festival.
2022-05-17 Seine River Retirement Home performance

The chorus was invited to present its Spring Concert to the residents of Seine River Retirement Home. One of our choristers lives at this residence and she is always eager to sing for her friends. After the performance, many of us enjoyed food and drinks at the local Boston Pizza.
2022-05-03 Canoe Club Retirement Residence

Our Spring Performance at the Canoe Club Retirement Residence
2022-03-01 Rehearsal fun

Enjoying some piano fun during the rehearsal break.
2022-01-04 Chorus Party

"We couldn't have a Christmas party this year so we had our party via Zoom. Everyone was asked to share a personal musical story that many of us wouldn't know about. We certainly have lots of talent in this chorus. Thank you, Rachel, for leading the fun sing-along."
2021-12-21 St. Bartholomew Anglican Church

Assiniboine Chorus performing at St. Bartholomew's. Now it really feels like Christmas. We're finding it to be an odd time in history...masks on the singers, masks on the audience who were socially distanced, and four air purifiers.
2021-12-14 Seine River Residence

Performing our Christmas songs for the residents of the Seine River Retirement Residence.
2021-12-07 Lindenwood Estates

Assiniboine Chorus has its first live performance since Covid with our new director, Rachel Cameron, at Lindenwoods Estates on December 7th. We were treated to the harmonies of our newest quartet, "A Breath of Fresh Air". Everyone, residents and performers alike, were thrilled to have live entertainment once again. We ended the evening with food and drinks at Boston Pizza.
2021-11-04 Winnipeg ICE Hockey Game

Chorus singing O Canada at Winnipeg ICE Hockey Game on November 4th, 2021
2021-10-05 In-Person Rehearsal

We are excited to be back to in-person rehearsals with our new director, Rachel Cameron.
2021-08-17 Chorus' 22nd Annual Golf Tournament

Twelve ladies enjoyed golfing at Prairie Oaks Golf Course for the Chorus' 22nd Annual Golf Tournament. We enjoyed lunch at the club and everyone went home with a lovely prize. Thanks, Heather, for organizing this tournament every year.
2021-08-10 Secret Pal Exchange

Some of our ladies met at Churchill Park Church for a scavenger hunt/gift exchange with their secret pals.
2021-06-29 Canada Day Wind-up Party via Zoo

The theme for our annual Wind-up party, which had to take place over Zoom this year, was "Canada Day".
2021-04-06 Secret Pal Meet

We had the Secret Pal gift exchange at the Church ib Aprill 6, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. All chorus members were welcome to attend to visit.
2021-02-09 Zoom Valentine Party

Missing our Valentine's party so we organized one through Zoom. It's great seeing our members' face once again.
2020-12-15 Zoom Christmas Party

Many members joined in for the Christmas Party via Zoom.
2019-12-17 Chorus Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas party which took place at Aalto's.
2019-12-10 "Desserts of the Nations"

This particular Coffee Night included many wonderful ethnic desserts.
2019-12-07 Joint Christmas Show

Assiniboine Chorus and River City Sound present "The Wonder of Christmas" December 7th, 2019
2019-11-23 ChoralFest

Participated in the ChoralFest 2019
2019-08-30 Golf Tournament

21st Annual Golf Tournament
2019-06-11 Bud, Spud & Chicken Fundraiser

Wind-up and fundraiser 2019
2019-01-08 Rehearsal & Coffee Night

Coffee Night
2018-12-15 Joint Christmas Show

Our Annual Joint Christmas Show with River City Sound
2018-08-28 Annual Golf Tournament

Golfing at Fantasy Golf Course August 28, 2018
2018-05-27 Feelin' Fine Show

Show held at the Park Theatre May 27, 2018

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