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    I've been singing with the chorus for five years now and have made a ton of friends, attended enriching educational and motivational events, and travelled with chorus friends. It's really become my support group. I joined at a time when I needed a little more fun infused into my life and this chorus is Winnipeg's best kept secret!

    Carole C.

    I joined the Winnipeg Chorus in 1982 and transferred to Assiniboine Chorus in 1992. I most enjoy the unaccompanied singing (makes one step up the game) and the friendships cultivated within the chorus. Entertaining is what I find most fulfilling.



    I have sung with these beautiful ladies since 2013. I came to my first rehearsal the first Tuesday following the chorus coming to my church on a Sunday. I've always loved Barbershop Style music. I had just retired and I'd told my husband that I was going to join an auditioned choir somewhere in this city! So, I came, I loved, I auditioned, I joined and do not regret!!

    Since joining, it has boosted my confidence and I now dare to sing solos at church and now since zooming for church - I'm singing a cappella for special occasions. (Impossible for me 5 years ago!)

    I love the warmth, acceptance and friendships that I feel and have with this group (and sure miss all the hugs). AND Singing.

    Waiting impatiently to return to rehearsals.


    Although I am a newbie I actually feel very much like I have been with the group for much longer. This, I believe, is due to the friendliness and warmth these ladies emit to anyone who joins the fold. Some of them have been singing together for decades. They are truly inspiring. The fun and camaraderie of this group has been so comforting especially through these difficult COVID times. In the short time I have been with AC, my knowledge of singing has greatly increased. I have learned so much as well as so many fun and beautiful songs in this short time. The practices are so uplifting and new friendships have been gained.



    I've been a member for 25 years. What I love about the chorus is learning correct vocal production, friendships, and learning new upbeat songs. But what I love most is the support from the group when life is in a "downer" for a particular member.

    Current Chorus Member


    I joined this Chorus 12 years ago with my daughter, hoping to find a place for her to sing harmony. I had never really sung before and did not plan to join myself, but I was hooked after the first rehearsal. I have gained musical knowledge, confidence in performing, but especially close friendships. I was in my 50's when I joined but wish I had known about the Chorus years ago. This Chorus is truly a sisterhood and a close community, and I look forward to our "ladies night out" once the pandemic allows us to meet once again.



    In Fall of 1983 I joined a small chorus (Winnipeg Chapter) when I was 22 and looking for somewhere to sing and preferably singing harmony. I met the most welcoming, warm-hearted and caring “aunties”. I learned so much about singing, performing and teamwork.

    My wonderful husband encouraged me and soon I was in a quartet (but had to relinquish chorus life). This lead to being in shows singing with other choral and youth choirs. My kids ended up all singing in the Winnipeg Youth Chorus building their confidence, friendships and life skills. Our son even met his future wife there.

    When Winnipeg and Assiniboine chapters amalgamated, I was able to do my quartet and be in Assiniboine chorus. I got to do costuming, choreography and music committee and know everyone there as all my friends were together in one group.

    Although I am no longer in the chorus, I am the first to admit that my many years in that organization increased my self-esteem and gave me confidence. It gave me the best reason to travel with like-minded ladies and create unbelievable memories, and fed my life-long passion of the joy of singing.

    And friends, heck, I can't even begin!!



    I joined the chorus in 2007 to have a musically creative outlet and "woman time". I love spending time together with my "sisters" and making music too! I love hearing all the beautiful voices blending together! I am always learning new things about music!


    - Testimonials from current and former members


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